A few words from my clients… I am honoured to have had the opportunity in facilitating so many wonderful transformations.

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“Hurrah! My sciatica has gone! My physiotherapist suggested I try Pilates and Rita’s “instruments of torture” seem to have done the trick. Rita is excellent at tailoring her exercises to one’s particular needs.”  -  Janice Tucker

“I’ve been attending Rita’s class for 4 years. It is the one commitment in my diary that I never miss, no matter how bad my commute is, or how tired I am, as I know how much better my body and mind feel after every class. Rita has guided and supported my Pilates through two births and the physical stresses of having two small children. With my second pregnancy I attended Rita’s classes up to 8 months and it made a huge difference to my recovery. She is a hugely experienced teacher who can adjust exercises to any situation, and the classes are interesting, lively, supportive and fun.” - Louise Robinson, Hertford

“I picked Rita because she trained with Body Control Pilates and have been attending her classes for 7 years now following a prolapsed disc in my lower back. Rita’s classes are always enjoyable and I feel taller and straighter after every one. It is clear that Rita attends regular training events as the exercises are regularly updated and revised. The classes attend to the group’s and individual’s needs and there is always an alternative exercise available if you can’t manage the one offered. I can wholeheartedly recommend Rita’s Pilates classes.” - Danny Jolly

“I walked to my first Pilates class with Rita with the knee ache I’d had for years caused by scoliosis of the spine. I walked out pain free. That was 5 years ago and I’ve been walking to Rita’s classes pain free ever since. Her knowledge of anatomy and her ability to adapt exercises to suit everyone is superb. I recommend her classes to anyone who tells me they’re interested in Pilates”. (name withheld)

“Pilates with Rita has definitely helped to strengthen my muscles after a hip replacement operation. My upper arms are also more toned allowing me to wear sleeveless clothes. In my view it improves core strength and general well being”. - Elaine Bush

“I’ve been enjoying Rita’s Pilates classes for about 5 years and I still look forward to and benefit from my weekly Pilates fix! Rita is very personable and highly professional and this, combined with her knowledge of Pilates and anatomy, makes her an A-class teacher. - L. T.

“I have been working with Rita for a number of years now using Pilates to work through my constantly changing Multiple Sclerosis. She works with me to maintain my strength and general fitness using exercises of different levels so I can always feel like I am getting somewhere. Therefore she is a valued member of my MS team. Have recommended to others and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend again, she knows what she is talking about”. - Clare Connolly

“Having suffered 10 years of sacrum pain without Rita, am happy to report 9 years of nearly no pain with Rita. Rita is very intuitive to individual requirements and physically very knowledgeable. Lovely person to boot.  Can thoroughly recommend.” - Adam

“What impresses me about Rita is that she is administratively efficient. Always starts classes on time and we get full hour. Every week the classes are different – she never repeats anything. I get the impression she goes to a lot of trouble to give us variety. We never hear tales of woe or personal reasons why she can or cannot do this or that. She comes loaded up with mats, toys, all ready for us etc” - Judith

“My doctor recommended Pilates when I was first diagnosed with osteoporosis. The specialist Pilates for Bone Health  class has been an enormous support giving me confidence especially to feel that I am doing something to help myself. Rita is a fantastic teacher. She is always looking for ways to enable individual participants achieve the most beneficial outcome possible. Her cheerful optimism is inspiring.” I would highly recommend this class. - Angela

“I have been attending the Bone Health class for just over a year after a diagnosis of both osteopenia and osteoporosis. As well as more traditional Pilates exercises, the great benefit of this class is that the focus is on building bone mass through targeted weight-bearing exercises, including working with hand or ankle weights. The knowledge I have gained enables me to incorporate Pilates movements into everyday life, eg. Bending to pick something up, doing gardening, etc., so I can move safely and ensure my body is well- balanced to minimise strain on my back. The tutor is very experienced, highly enthusiastic and constantly adds to her knowledge through reading up-to-date research and attending courses. I thoroughly recommend this class!” - Cindy

“Due to poor spine alignment, I've been practising Pilates for over 5 years - it's really changed my quality of life over this time.  Rita Lampen is probably the most conscientious instructor I've worked with.  She is extremely knowledgeable and flexible (in all senses!) and gets to know all the members of her class to make sure that the class is meeting their needs.  Since her classes are small, she has time to attend to you without losing track of the rest of the class - and vice versa. She can be as technical or basic in explanations as you require.  I found that I was able to trust her advice very quickly, which is so important. Personally, her additional support during my pregnancy has been invaluable, suggesting one-to-one sessions and home programmes to keep up my Pilates safely.  And she always has an extremely patient, positive and responsive manner.  Rita is a great advert for the benefits of Pilates and I have recommended her to friends in the area!” - S. Boyle

“I really enjoy my evening Pilates with Rita, every week we do something different, Rita is very inventive! It is an easy to follow routine, accompanied by Rita’s lovely soothing voice.” - Loraine Foley

“I have been attending Rita’s Pilates classes for two years. In that time my core and flexibility has improved significantly. The classes are varied and are small in size. As such, Rita is able to provide a one to one attention to detail on technique. I can highly recommend Rita as a Pilates Instructor.” - Audrey Doyle

“I really enjoy my sessions with Rita and wish time allowed me to more. My technique and core stability have really improved as has my wellbeing as I always sleep like a baby after my class. Rita is an excellent teacher very knowledgeable, calm and her ability to help you improve technique by changing one small movement is amazing. Rita always keeps her classes varied and fresh by always introducing new gadgets to use and is constantly updating her professional courses.” - Gill Goodchild, Hertford

“Rita always works the classes to fit the individuals. We are all there with different problems and it is amazing how she manages to address our needs without making one feel different in the group. Thoroughly recommend her classes.” - Glynnis

“Rita is an excellent Pilates instructor who takes the time to understand her clients individual abilities and issues. Her classes are extremely well structured and her instructions clear and precise. Since starting Pilates I have improved my strength and flexibility, even managing to improve so much that I have managed to avoid further surgery and astounded my physio with my improving range of motion. Overall delighted I’ve found Rita, discovered Pilates and I look forward to every class.” - Lynlea

“Rita is a patient and thorough teacher who tailors her classes for all abilities. She is always laughing and makes it a real pleasure to go to class each week! The classes are varied, with different props and exercises so it’s never dull! I really notice when I haven’t been to Pilates for a couple of weeks, my body does not appreciate it when I miss a class. I can highly recommend Rita as a very competent and very lovely Pilates teacher!” - Saffron

“I suffer from spondylosis in my spine generally and also have an historic neck injury. I started attending Rita’s class three years ago. Owing to Rita’s huge knowledge about which exercises would be beneficial or bad for me, I now have far, far more movement. It’s wonderful to be in less pain thanks to Rita – thank goodness I found you!” - Beverley

“I joined Rita’s class about 4 years ago after a hip replacement, having been told I needed to strengthen my core – we work on this almost all the time! We also work on many areas of the body not much exercised ordinarily.  I feel I have benefited enormously, particularly in the marked improvement in my upper back muscles and Rita tells me my hips are much stronger. She is constantly observing and correcting us with great patience and care. I also love her demonstrations, which are great to watch. I just wish I had started with her when I was much younger, but did not know what I was missing! Time in class flies by.” - PC

“If you do Pilates correctly, you will feel like you have done a work-out the next day! Rita is attentive to all her class and will tweak your positioning to ensure that you get the maximum (and safest) benefit. The classes are relaxed and Rita brings her sense of humour with her every week, along with different equipment to ensure that each and every lesson is varied and a challenge. Highly recommended!” - R Snelling

“I have always looked forward to Rita’s classes which are varied covering all parts of the body, combining balance, stretching and increasing core strength. She has always insisted that we should make her aware of any discomfort we may have to enable her to suggest an alternative exercise. I am pleased to say at the end of her classes I certainly feel I walk a lot more upright than when I arrived!” -Lin, Hertford

'“This is the best Pilates class I’ve ever done. I always come away feeling I’ve had a great workout and better than I went in! Rita’s passion and enthusiasm coupled with her knowledge & experience make the classes really enjoyable.” - M.G.

“I’d recommend Rita without hesitation. My Osteopath suggested that I try Pilates to help me with a diagnosed Arthritic hip. I searched to find a qualified instructor and a class that was small enough where the teacher could monitor me and ensure that I was doing the exercises correctly. Rita is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me through a hip replacement. I have recovered well and am pleased that full movement has returned. Rita is now helping me with arthritis in my shoulder. If I have trouble or discomfort with a particular exercise all I have to do is speak to Rita as she walks around and she will adapt the exercise to suit me. Attending Pilates with Rita is really beneficial to me and I can’t thank Rita enough.” - Angela Loveday 

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